Friday, September 28, 2001

Gauss looking ahead to brighter City future

Posted on Sep 28, 2001, 3:53 AM
By Jim Kernaghan, Free Press Sports Columnist

For a minute there, it sounded as though Harry Gauss would welcome back all the gifted maniacs and malcontents who ever passed through his soccer team in exchange for a few more wins.
But no, on second thought, the general manager of London City would prefer going into the final weekend of his club's Canadian Professional Soccer League season with the young team he's got. Well, OK, maybe he could live with a couple crazies from the past.
London plays at North York Astros tonight and winds up the season at Cove Road Field with a matinee Sunday against York Shooters. Two wins would double their season total, against three draws and 17 losses.
Gauss admits he wouldn't mind seeing past talents such as Nathan Davies or Charlie Doerfel trotting out with the 12-team league's youngest team. Mind you, the coach of the similarly young football Mustangs, Larry Haylor, would welcome the sight of Mike O'Brien and Blake Marshall lining up for him, too.
"The coaching staff and I would have sat on the bench and paid admission to watch Nathan," Gauss said dreamily. "You just let him go. He was incredible. He had the ability to beat everyone in sight."
Davies, alas, was incapable of beating the good life during his skyrocketing time with the club six years ago.
Doerfel, a free spirit whose unobstructed personality sidelined him from the German national team, probably could have altered the standings on behalf of City, as well. It's been 23 years since the colourful and imperious Doerfel, who usually managed to have a spectator carrying his bag for him, was on the scene.
These and other high-maintenance heroes come to mind when a season goes the way this one has but Gauss has been around long enough to know reality always intrudes. The team chemistry is not quite the way he'd like it but at least it's not toxic.
"What we need is four very professional players who know what it takes . . . and a Curtis Joseph in goal," Gauss said.
He wasn't rapping his goaltending. Scott Mueller "is getting better all the time" but at 23 is seven years shy of a soccer goalie's best years. And you can't knock a team for being young.
London City has developed a rapport with other teams, notably Grimsby Town of the English First Division. Tyler Hemming, 17, was sent over for experience with that club's youth organization and will return next year to play and receive his schooling. Short of winning the league, developing players is next most gratifying thing for a guy raised in the shadows of goal posts.
It's not as though Gauss's club is entirely fuzzy-cheeked. Striker Sandro Costantin from Wallaceburg, Gauss says, would have made a difference had he been with the team all season. He's 33.
Captain and stopper Gerald Gallacher, 32, helps bring order to a back line often beleaguered by opposition attacks. He's an architectural intern whom Gauss hopes to have back, possibly as a playing coach.
While he's looking ahead, Gauss was looking back as he gazed out the window of the German-Canadian Club's dining room. He's had other valleys in the 32 years he's been involved in club soccer and thought the same things.
There's always a mountain somewhere ahead and for guys with passion, it's not always atop the standings. London City is part of a league that may have established some sort of mark by having all the same owners for two straight seasons. There's the development of players.
And always, there's next year, when those four mistakes that led to three opposition goals are eliminated and you pot two yourself. That's when guys like Gauss don't look back at past stars much.

Canadian starlet arrives in Town

Friday September 28, 10:24 AM

Grimsby's link-up with Junior soccer in Canada looks like bearing fruit with the news they have taken their first Canadian youngster on trial.
Tyler Hemming, 16, is at the club for two weeks and he is the first of many such players that The Mariners hope will cross the Atlantic.

Defender Hemming is also attracting interest from Scottish champions Celtic but Town's unique link up in Canada means that they will get the chance to have the first look at the London City Junior.

Monday, September 24, 2001

Vassallo Youngest Ever in CPSL at 14

Monday, September 24, 2001
Toronto Supra shut out London City

The Toronto Supra all but clinched third place in the Canadian Professional Soccer League standings yesterday with a 4-0 home win over London City.

Most notably in this game was the introduction of 14 year Anthony Vassallo by London City in the 75th minute. Vassallo became the youngest player ever to take the field in the CPSL.

Garvin Houston, Rafael Wrobel, Ryan Gamble and Peyvand Mossavat scored for the Supra (11-4-5). City fell to 2-15-3 with its seventh straight loss and saw its winless streak reach 10 games in league and Oz Optic Cup play (0-9-1).
Houston opened the scoring in the 11th minute, eluding his marker to score on a looping header to the far post. On the stroke of halftime, Gamble headed a ball to Wrobel, who scored from 10 yards out.
Gamble made it 3-0 in the 55th minute. He collided with two City defenders but the ball fell perfectly for him and he left City goalie Mark Fernandes no chance.
Mossavat connected in the 85th minute on a header that went in off the post and crossbar junction.
"It could have been an easy 0-0," said City general manager Harry Gauss. "Considering the lineup we had today, I was really satisfied with the play in general. It was just mistakes that beat us."
City plays the North York Astros in Toronto Friday at 8:30 p.m. before finishing the season at home Sunday at Cove Road Field at 3 p.m. against the York Region Shooters.

Sunday, September 23, 2001


Posted on Sep 23, 2001, 3:44 PM
******CPSL YOUNG GUN************
by Behtash A.

Tyler Hemming, at 16 years old the youngest player in the CPSL, is on trial with Grimsby Town of the English First Division. The standout London City defender, at Grimsby on England's east coast for a two-week evaluation, last week played in an under 16 game and was quickly moved up to play with the under 18s and under 19s.

Hemming was picked up by London City in their open trials at the beginning of the season. "We were impressed right from the word go," said Harry Gauss, owner/GM of the CPSL team recalling his first impressions when seeing the young defensive player.

Hemming managed to score one goal for London this season to add to his outstanding defensive play and was selected to the CPSL All Stars for the game with Portuguese First Division team Maritimo on July 25.

Interest in Hemming has also been shown by Glasgow Celtic of the Scottish Premier Division.
For more information and details of the progress of Tyler Hemming while in the UK please contact Stan Adamson, Director of Media and Public Relations with the CPSL at 905 856-5439 or Harry Gauss at London City (519) 672-5425.

CPSL on Sportsnet

CPSL on Sportsnet -- News Sep 23
by M@

Anyone else catch the CPSL summary program today? 1:30 on Sportsnet. Never caught this before so I was very interested. Is this on every week? Incidentally the digital program guide had "CSPL", not "CPSL". Duh.

So anyhow they gave some word on some up-and-comers from the CPSL. There were a couple of things I haven't seen posted here, and looking back over the last couple of days here there haven't been any mention of them.

First is Marco Casalnuovo. A few posts ago someone mentioned that the tryout with AS Roma fell through; apparently never say die, as he's on tryout right now or very soon with AC Milan.

Second is a name I haven't caught before, Tyler Hemming (hope I've got that right) from London City. This 16-year-old defender has just finished a tryout with Grimsby Town of Div 1 and they've signed him, and arranged for a scholarship for him in England. Which is great stuff to be sure. They had footage of him hitting a great header off a corner in one of last week's games. Obviously a lot of promise in this kid if Grimsby has signed him.

Anyhow, sorry if this is all common knowledge but I haven't seen anything on it to date. Always good to hear about our boys getting some success in Europe.

Allez les Rouges,

PS. No word on whether either of these two guys is a Bolton fan. But I'm assuming for the moment that they'll come home if and when they're called.

Soccer Talk

Sep 23 posted on soccer talk

...Tyler Hemming was offered a place in Grimsby's soccer academy until he turns 19. That's not quite a full pro contract but would be a great opportunity for the guy if he wants to focus on trying to be a pro player rather than leaving the option of an NCAA scholarship open. It is a bit like being drafted by an OHL team. No guarantee of an NHL or minor league pro career at the end of it but it shortens the odds considerably. Tyler Hemming is very lucky to get this opportunity by being in the right place at the right time basically as Grimsby's development coach Ian Knight started a link with the London Soccer Academy to devlop London players for that club and a lot of influential people are probably keen to have at least one London area player over in England right now:-

Jason Devos is an example of a London area player who lucked out by being in the right place at the right time and grasped the opportunity and worked hard until he became an established full-time pro in the UK. He had played a few games in WOSL premier as a 15 year old for London Croatia and then got selcted for the 1990 CSL roster for London Lasers as a 16 year old when the Lasers were run by a Croatian GM and coach and wound up getting lots of playing time in a nationally televised league when the franchise ran into financial problems and more experienced and expensive players including 3 Croatian imports left.

The other London based player who was on trial, Gentjan Dervishi, is back from Hannover but has been asked to return in November apparently. Something to do with a foot injury although he still played against the Wizards on Friday evening.

Canadian Youth Star Trial

By Rob Sedgwick
Date: 23/9/2001

CANADIAN defender Tyler Hemming who, at 16 years of age, is the youngest player in the Canadian Professional Soccer League, has joined Grimsby Town for a two week trial. The central defender, who currently is on the books of top side London City has also attracted interest from Celtic.

Hemming is believed to be one of the first products of Grimsby Director of Youth Football Ian Knight's connections in North America where Town have established informal links with two Canadian sides, in addition to the club's scouting networks operating either side of the Irish border.
Knight spent some time this summer watching players across the Atlantic, in a bid to extend the Mariners scouting network across the globe. He relinquished his role as Youth Team Coach in June in order to devote more time to finding and recruiting overseas talent.

Hemming was selected for the CPSL All Stars in the game with Portuguese First Division team Maritimo on July 25. "We were impressed right from the word go," said club owner Harry Gauss on Hemming, who has already started trained with Town's youth team, and is said to be one of the brightest prospects of his age in Canadian football.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Bit of brilliance goes for nought

By STEVE COAD, Free Press Sports Reporter Sep 20

Tyler Hemming was charging hard and running out of real estate when he did something most mere mortals would consider impossible.
The 16-year-old Londoner stopped suddenly and hurled his body toward the York Region Shooters goal, heading a perfectly struck pass from teammate Gentjan Dervishi behind a startled Jack Brunino in the 54th minute for what appeared to be London City's 3-2 go-ahead goal in yesterday's Canadian Professional Soccer League curtain-closer for both teams at Cove Road field.
It was an unparalleled bit of athleticism, a truly pretty play by Hemming, who is just back from England where he made a splash during a two-week tryout with Grimbsy Town of the English First Division.
It was everything you could ask for in terms of excitement.
But it wasn't a goal, not one that counted. Linesman Andre Jasinski of London signalled offside, negating Hemming's bit of brilliance.
City never recovered, surrendering a goal two minutes later by York's Robert Black and two more by Mathew Palleschi over the next 20 minutes in a 5-2 loss.
"It was like a prick in a balloon," Harry Gauss, City's technical director and general manager, said of the no-goal. "That was quite a swing. Ours is called back and then, just like that, they score. Instead of being up 3-2, we're down by that. That's just how our season has gone."
Asked about the play, Hemming smiled and said: "I wasn't offside."
Gauss was less diplomatic, saying the call was made by "an official who looked like he was asleep."
The loss means City finishes the season at 2-16-3, last in the 10-team league, while the Shooters end up one place higher at 4-15-3.
Hemming, in Grade 11 at Saunders secondary school, heads back to Grimsby Town during the March school break and, if he signs, he'll go back for the long term in June.
"They told me they're 80-90 per cent sure they'll offer me a contract," said Hemming, who played three games with Grimsby Town's under-16 team and trained with the under-19s and the big team's reserves.
Hemming was dominant at times yesterday, looking particularly good on a high, looping pass that City striker Sandro Costantin of Wallaceburg collected and deposited for the first of his two goals.
"(The CPSL) is a really good league. I've enjoyed playing in it and I've learned everything," Hemming said. "It's been the perfect place for me to play and keep my standards up."
YORK REGION 5, LONDON 2 York goals: Robert Black and Mathew Palleschi, two each, and Mike Mazza London goals: Sandro Costantin, two

Monday, September 17, 2001

Hemming of London, Ont., on trial with Town

Monday, September 17, 2001

Tyler Hemming of London, Ont., the youngest player in the Canadian Professional Soccer League, is trying to catch the favourable eye of Grimsby Town of the English First Division.

Hemming, 16, a standout defender with London City of the CPSL, is on a two-week trial with Grimsby, on England's east coast. Last week, Hemming played in an under-16 game, but was quickly moved up to play with the under-18s and under-19s.

Hemming was picked up by London City in their open trials when the season began.

"We were impressed right from the word go," said Harry Gauss, owner/GM of the CPSL team.

Hemming was selected to the CPSL all-star team for the game with Portuguese First Division team Maritimo, on July 25.

Glasgow Celtic of the Scottish Premier Division has also shown interest in Hemming.