Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Cup Winners
Ontario Cup
2002 London Portuguese
1978 London Marconi
1966 London Marconi
League Cup
2003 AEK Olympics
2002 London Portuguese
2001 London Benfica
2000 Hungarians
1999 London Portuguese
1998 London Croatia
1997 London Portuguese
1996 London Benfica
1995 London Portuguese
1994 London City
1993 London Portuguese
1992 St. Thomas
1991 Norfolk Athletics
1990 Panhellenic
1989 White Eagles
1988 Hungarians
1987 St. Thomas
1986 Chatham
1985 Ingersoll
1984 London Portuguese
1983 Curinga
1982 Ingersoll
1981 Ingersoll
1980 St. Thomas A
1979 London Marconi
1978 London Marconi
1977 Roma
1976 London Celtic
1975 London Celtic
1974 London Marconi (Inter-City)
1973 London Croatia
1972 Stratford
1971 Stratford
1970 Ingersoll Flyers
1969 London Olympians
1968 London Marconi
1967 London Marconi
1966 London Marconi
1965 German Candians
1964 London Marconi
1963 Queens Royals (Woodstock)
1962 German Canadians
1961 Ingersoll Mikes (Flyers)
1960 Italo Canadians
Division Cups
Premier First Second Third
2003 L.Portuguese Croatia Ingersoll Strathroy PC B
2002 L.Portuguese White Eagles MarconiB Curinga
2001 L.Portuguese NFC Porto Croatia Exeter Fury
2000 Marconi AEK London Ingersoll L.Portuguese B
1999 L.Portuguese Wallaceburg Serbs Strathroy PC B
1998 Croatia Norfolk Ath. Benfica B AEK Olympians
1997 L.Portuguese Croatia Bosnia
1996 L.Portuguese Norfolk Ath. St. Columban
1995 London City Starthroy PC Benfica
1994 St. Thomas Panhellenic Petrolia
1993 St. Thomas London City Panhellenic
1992 White Eagles Hungarians Dante
1991 White Eagles St. Thomas Dante
1990 Croatia Woodstock Wallaceburg
1989 Croatia Bluewater Simcoe Lusos
1988 White Eagles Panhellenic Simcoe Lusos
Level I Level II
1987 Curinga Latinos
1986 Delhi Athletics Chatham
1985 Woodstock German Canadians
1984 Croatia Croatia B
1983 Croatia Bluewater
1982 St Columban Woodstock
1981 L.Portuguese London City U-19
First Second Third Fourth
1980 Marconi St Thomas Ingersoll St Bartalomeo
1979 Hungarians London Utd Yugoslavs Slavia
1978 Marconi Oakridge Strathroy NC
1977 Celtic Portuguese Lusitanos Utd
1976 Marconi Hungarians St.Columban
1975 Scottish London Utd Grand Bend
1974 Scottish White Eagles Goderich Utd
1973 Celtic Marconi B Strathroy Ben
1972 Scottish Ingersoll F White Eagles
1971 German Can. Scottish Croatia
1970 Olympians Croatia Woodstock
1969 Roma Croatia
1968 Marconi Celtic Olympians
1967 Marconi Celtic Sarnia (Dante)
1966 Marconi German Can B German Can B
1965 Dutch Lions Sarnia B Stratford
1964 Marconi Croatia
1963 QR Woodstock
1962 Dutch Lions
1961 Dutch Lions
1960 Dutch Lions
1959 Dutch Lions
1958 Stratford FB
1957 Sarnia (Dante)
1956 Sarnia (Dante)


Hall of Fame
2003 Marcus Gauss (London City)
Carmen Fotia (Marconi)
Victor Zurawski (White Eagles)
Sportsman of the Year
2003 Seveno Cecchin (Ingersoll Flyers)
2002 Ignac Dogar (Marconi)
2001 Joe Santos (Benfica)
2000 no award
1999 no award
1998 John Rasenberg (Exeter Centennials)
1997 Manuel Rodrigues (Strathroy PC)
1996 Mike Cinicolo (Marconi)
1995 Dave Peak (Hungarians)
1994 John Pacheco (Portuguese)
1993 Steve Tzavaras (Panhellenic)
1992 Bill Bain (St.Thomas)
1991 Martin Aarts (Chatham Express)
1990 Juergen Belle (German Canadians)
1989 Eric Ritchie (Bluewater)
1983-8 no records available
1982 Milan Behavka
1979 Jurgen Klaus (German Can B)
1978 Sam Barberi (Curinga)
1977 Frank Gouveia (Leo's Distributing)
1976 Don Armstrong (Clinton)
1975 Amandio Carvalho (Easy Driving)
1974 Bill Clark (German Canadians)
1973 John Sandor (Tillsonburg Ath)
1972 Harold Refflinghaus (St.Columban)
1971 Fred Whitman (St.Thomas Royals)
1970 Tom Vilos (Olympians)
Club Sportsmanship Award
2003 Chatham Express
2002 Benfica
2001 Woodstock TNT
2000 no award
1999 no award
1998 Norfolk Athletics
1997 Morning Stars
1996 Chatham Express
1995 Petrolia Oilers
1994 London City
1993 Sarnia Dante
1992 Portuguese
1991 St.Columban
1990 White Eagles
1989 St.Thomas
1983-8 no records available
1982 San Bartolomeo
Top Scorer
2003 Edin Isovic (Bosnia)
2002 Ree San (Portuguese)
Victor Ramos (Benfica)
2001 Andrew Loague (Portuguese)
2000 no award
1999 Andrew Loague (Portuguese)
1998 Wilco Kanters (Benfica)
1997 Nick Bontis
1996 Victor Ramos
1995 Jorge Ferreira
1994 Paul Ritchie
1993 Victor Ramos
1992 Robert Fijal
1991 Wojtek Rabenda (White Eagles)
1990 Marek Grabowski (White Eagles)
1989 Wojtek Rabenda (White Eagles)
1988 Joe Devlin (Bluewater)
1987 Richard Mommersteeg (St.Thomas)
1986 George Mavros (Olympians)
1985 Chris Baertsoen (Wallaceburg)
1984 Peter Gannon (Woodstock)
1983 Mario Anello (Curinga)
Rob Balger (Croatia)
1982 John Machado
1981 Mike Boffa
1980 Guy Ricardi (Marconi)
1979 Dominic Mescia (Marconi)
1978 Vinko Miser (Croatia)
1977 Mike Boffa (Roma)
1976 Vinko Miser (Croatia)
1975 Paul Midema (Marconi)
1974 John Gillespie (Scottish)
1973 Stu McDonald (Croatia)
1972 Mike Boffa (Roma)
Mike North (Stratford)
Eric Ritchie (Sarnia Dante)
1971 Jack De Vos (London Lions)
1970 Tom Partalas (Olympians)
1969 Andy Marsh
1968 Gunther Klaus (German Canadians)
1967 J. Heavens
1966 Andy Marsh
1965 Charlie Papp (German Canadians)
1964 Udo Brenne (German Canadians)
1963 Gunther Klaus (German Canadians)
1962 Simon Sneeks
1961 Albert Langaitus
Top Scorer - second tier
2003 Joe Ornato (Marconi B)
2002 Carlos Abrantes (Croatia)
2001 Reuf Fazlic (Bosnia)
2000 no award
1999 Sandro Constantin (Wallaceburg)
1998 Michal Kubicki (White Eagles)
Anthony Comacho (Forest United)
1997 Gential Buzali
1996 Mike Edgar
1995 Victor DaSilva
1994 Jeff McSween
Sandro Constantin
1993 Sydney Marsh
1992 Mike Rowe
1991 Gary Laidlaw
1990 Pedro Remigio (Strathroy)
1989 Kim Mortimer (Bluewater)
1988 Jeff McSween (Panhellenic)
1987 east - M. Ferreira (Simcoe)
west - R. Mennen (Grand Bend)
1986 east - Godfrey Cotton (Tillsonburg)
west - Tim Mortimer (Sarnia Dante)
1985 Al Robinson (St.Thomas)
1984 Victor Puim (Strathroy)
1983 Ed Machado (Portuguese)
1982 Paul Altenburg
1981 Joe D'ariano
1980 Zoran Bajric (Yugoslavs)
1979 Gunther Klaus (German Can. B)
1978 Derek Floyd (Oakridge)
1977 Samuel Sousa (Portuguese)
1976 Paul Campbell (Hungarians)
1975 Dave Noonan (St George)
1974 Tom McDonald (St Thomas Royals)
1973 John Martin (Ingersoll Flyers)
1972 John Martin (Ingersoll Flyers)
1971 Vinko Miser (Croatia)
1970 Vinko Miser (Croatia)
1969 Alan Slater (Stratford)
1968 Tom Vilos (Olympians)
1967 Kelvin Harrison
1966 Neil Desborough (Ingersoll Flyers)
Top Scorer - third tier
2003 Steve Bond (Ingersoll Flyers)
Nathan Ivanovic (Serbs)
2002 Joe Ornato (Marconi)
Jim Kalampilikis (St.Thomas)
2001 Jason Wright (Embro)
2000 no award
1999 Carlos Abrantes (Benfica)
1998 Carlos Abrantes (Benfica)
1997 Tony Miranda (Central)
Jim Kalampalikis (East)
Steve Santos (West)
1996 Danny Medeiros (Central)
Edin Isovic (East)
Semir Lazar (West)
1995 Victor Ramos
1994 John Van der Scheur
1993 Henri DeBruyn
1992 Tim DiMuzio
1991 R. Boyce
1990 John Van der Scheur (Ingersoll)
1989 Carlos Carvalho (Strathroy)
1985 Peter Hoogstra (Taxandria)
1984 Gilbert Quiveron (Taxandria)
Tony Caranci (Carpinone)
1983 Eric Kelly (Wallaceburg)
1982 John Barton
Martin Goncalves
1981 Dave Nolan
1980 Allan Costello (Ingersoll)
1979 Zoran Batrico (Yugoslav)
1978 John Machado (West Lorne)
1977 Gunther Klaus (German Can. B)
1976 Mark Horne (Leo's Distributing)
1975 Dave Benner (Leo's Distributing)
Harold Refflinghaus (Goderich United)
1974 Brian Jewitt (Clinton)
1973 Juergen Klaus (German Can. B)
1972 Gerry Marra (Roma Res.)
Top Scorer - fourth tier
2003 Alex Ponce (Hispanos)
2002 Marty DeBruyn (Exeter Fury)
2001 Marty DeBruyn (Exeter Fury)
2000 no award
1999 Greg Kowalski (White Eagles - east)
Frank Bax (Nairn Cardinals - west)
1998 Bill Johnson (Ingersoll Flyers - east)
Steve Komes (Croatia B - east)
Asif Isic (German Can. - west)
1980 Declan Whelan (Kincardine)
1979 Tom Skaleris

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

WOSL Top Scorers 2003

2003 Top Scorers:
Premier: Edin Isovic (Bosnia)
First: Joe Ornato (Marconi)
Second: Stephen Bond (Ingersoll)
Third: Alex Ponce (Hispanos)

Monday, October 13, 2003

London sides in national finals

The North London Dynamite and Forest United Flames will both face B.C. teams at the under-14 soccer championships.
By Kathy Rumleski, Free Press Sports Reporter

Nick Green took his jersey off and twirled it over his head. "We're going to the show," he yelled.
It's the most exuberance any of the North London Dynamite boys have shown.
But a 4-1 semifinal victory over Alberta in the under-14 national club championships and a date with British Columbia in the final today, was enough to at least get them a little excited.
The Forest United Flames on the other hand, piled on top of each other in the middle of the field and then high-fived their parents on the sidelines after the girls' 1-0 win over Alberta.
They, too, will meet B.C. in the championship match.
Both games can be seen live by webcast. Click on the Eastlink Television icon at www.u14soccernationals.ca.
The Dynamite play at 9:30 a.m. EDT and the Flames at 11:30 a.m. EDT.
"We're there. That's what I wanted. We'll battle for gold," said Flames coach Anthony Camacho.
Dynamite coach Martin Painter said he'll find the hours long until the final. He described his state of mind as anxious.
"One more game. I want the (championship) game to start," Painter said.
Green, who moved to Peterborough two months ago and has been travelling to some of the Dynamite games, scored the team's first goal in the 23rd minute
"It just feels good to get the team sparked up on the first goal. It gets your blood pumping and makes you want to get more," said the defender, who played a great game at the back.
Spencer Godbout scored twice for London and Andy Drabbant added another.
The Dynamite got a bit of a scare yesterday when No. 1 goalkeeper Igor Kasic twisted his right knee five minutes before game time.
Kasic sat out the first half, replaced by Roy Beishuizen, but his knee felt better as the game progressed and he started the second half.
The Dynamite allowed their first goal of the tournament in the 72nd minute.
"We were trying to have a shutout streak for the whole tournament, but I guess it didn't work out," said Kasic, obviously disappointed.
While Painter praised his team's play in the first 60 minutes of the game, he gave them a dressing down for easing off in the end.
"The last 20 minutes, they were a little sloppy," said Painter, who won a national title with the under-16 London Red Devils in 1992. That was the last time a local boys' team has won a national club title.
Camacho said he was pleased with his team's performance throughout the game.
"Injuries are a problem; they're pretty banged up. But they've been sucking it up and playing through it. My girls always rise to the challenge."
Jennifer Begley scored for the London girls in the 69th minute.
Rain is forecast for today's finals, but yesterday fans and players were complaining about the heat as the sun beat down on the artificial turf and the temperature climbed to 24 degrees, 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Canadian pro league at center at controversy

Saturday, October 11, 2003 By Dean Russin
Sports Editor

ONEONTA — Hartwick College freshmen men's soccer players Josh Wagenaar and Tyler Hemming are being investigated by the school for possible violations of NCAA eligibility rules.
Although the college refused to name the two players it is withholding from competition in a brief statement released Friday afternoon, a source close to the team confirmed Friday night that Wagenaar and Hemming are the two being investigated.
Both are regular starters for the ninth-ranked Hawks, but neither played in Hartwick's most important game of the season so far Friday night. Hemming is a key defensive player and Wagenaar is the starting goalie, who leads the Atlantic Soccer Conference in two statistical categories.
The Hawks fell to 10th-ranked Florida International in the ASC opener for both teams, 4-2, Friday night at Elmore Field. Wagenaar and the Hawks (8-2) limited their first nine opponents to a total of four goals.
"I don't know you can say that," Hartwick first-year coach Ian McIntyre said when asked if the outcome would have been different with Wagenaar and Hemming on the field. "I thought (replacement goalie Scott Carman) did great. He made a very important save when they were 1-0 up. It was a great reflex save."
Carman allowed all four goals and made six saves. McIntyre refused to comment on why the investigation is taking place.
"You know I'm not allowed to (comment)," he said. "I can't comment on that. It's an ongoing investigation, so I can't comment on that."
An Internet search Friday night from The Daily Star revealed that Wagenaar and Hemming — both from Ontario, Canada — played together on Canada's U-20 National Team in 2003. The two also played during a 22-game schedule for London City of the Canadian Professional Soccer League in 2002.
Hartwick's statement, released by the school's director of communications, Rob Clark, said that two players were not paid but did compete in a foreign league against clubs with professional players on their rosters.
The statement also says that one player was sidelined for Hartwick's Oct. 2 game against Niagara University as the college discovered the possible violation Oct. 1. Hartwick found out about the second player Oct. 6, according to its statement.
Hemming did not play against Niagara and neither played Friday night against FIU.
Clark refused to comment Friday and said that no comments will be issued by Hartwick until its investigation is complete.
A London Free Press article dated July 6, 2002, said Wagenaar "has just signed with (London) City of the Canadian Professional Soccer League."
Another article dated April 29, 2003, also from the London Free Press, said Hemming "worries he might have a problem with scholarship eligibility" because he has played with City since age 15. A May 9 London Free Press article said that Hemming stopped playing in the CPSL because he feared "playing in a professional soccer league will jeopardize NCAA scholarship eligibility."
According to the website ncaa.org, athletes are considered professionals if they sign a contract or verbally commit with a professional sports organization or if they play on a professional athletics team.